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Un espacio para la reflexión sobre la crianza de niños bilingües.

Friday, May 14, 2010

¡Qué emoción!!!!

¡Hay dos personas que me siguen en el blog!!! Hi!!! I feel like flying in the sky! I feel powerful! I feel like an idiot with so many exclamation points. (There, I had to restrain myself to not add one at the end of the previous sentence.)

I am a little embarrassed now knowing that two people are reading me, potentially at least.

A present for them, my two followers: Songs in Spanish que trajeron cola. All of them are very catchy, and funny for the kids too (although we may differ about what is appropriate for a kid, so beware...)

Las Ketchup, con su famosa canción "Aserejé":

Los del Río y la famosa "Macarena":

Y la famosísima "Lambada" de los Kjarkas:

Que me disculpen los amigos bolivianos... A mí me gusta más la versión brasileña de Kaoma:

I know it is great to share with the kids the songs we learned ourselves as children, but they love it too when we teach them the music we as adults like.


  1. Yay thank you! Just what I need to dance around the living room to. Gosh it's inspiring enough to put on a leotard and properly shake it! (well talking about the first 2)
    We like digging out Garibaldi's Que te la pongo y Banana

  2. Mummy D, I know! They are so catchy, right? I will check Garibaldi. ¡Gracias!